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Several members of the New Jersey Bluebird Society have had articles published in newspapers and magazines.  Click below to read these articles.  Most are also linked from other pages within this website.


Allen Jackson

    Purple Martin Spectacular   in “The Purple Martin Update” - fall 2015
   A Full Complement of Partners  in NABS  “Bluebird” - fall 2013

   Bluebirds Use Robin’s Nest  in NABS  “Bluebird” - winter 2013-14

   Commonsense Bluebird Management  in NABS  “Bluebird” - spring 2013

John Layton

   If You Build It They Will Adapt  in NABS   “Bluebird” - spring 2014


Kenneth H. Glaspey

   Bluebird Habitat Selection in a Rural Setting  in NABS  “Bluebird” - spring 2013


Leo Hollein

   Bluebird Nests are Highly Successful  in NJAS  “NJ Audubon” - spring-sum 2014