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Membership has its rewards.

      Sometimes we just need nature to get us motivated. In this case, we hope your concern for the well being of our native Eastern Bluebird may motivate you to join the New Jersey Bluebird Society. Bluebirds are one of our most desirable species.

     Many factors impact bluebird survival, including:  weather, food/cover, predators, nest competition, pests, and disease.  Proper management can be the key to maintaining a healthy and productive bluebird population.  By joining the NJBBS we can provide you with that up to date information.

  As a member we can:

*provide education about bluebirds to interested people like yourself.

*provide expertise and guidance to trail monitors and backyard bluebird enthusiasts;

* provide data forms to help document the bluebird activities in your boxes.

   (We encourage you to submit the number of young bluebirds fledged from you boxes at the end of each    season. This information will be used to monitor early population trends in NJ.)


The New Jersey Bluebird Society is affiliated with the North American Bluebird Society  “NABS”.

As a member of the NJ Bluebird Society you can also join “NABS” at a discounted rate.

<Click to print our membership form.

   Page 1   is New Jersey Bluebird Society.

     (You can use this form with one check for both NJBBS and NABS)

   Page 2  is NABS  (official NABS form with more options)