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Who We Are:

The New Jersey Bluebird Society (NJBS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the population of bluebirds in New Jersey. As a state organization affiliate of the North American Bluebird Society (NABS), our mission in New Jersey is to further support the NABS which is a nonprofit education, conservation, and research organization that promotes the recovery of bluebirds.


Mission Statement:

To educate, conserve and promote Bluebirds and other cavity nesting birds in New Jersey.

Goals and Methods:

The NJBS’s primary goal is to produce a healthy and productive bluebird population in New Jersey by establishing trails that are located in suitable habitat while utilizing and promoting recommended bluebird management practices (proper housing, protection from predators, and nest monitoring). We also recognize the importance and necessity to promote management of bluebirds in backyards.

To accomplish these goals our objectives will be to:

 •provide expertise and guidance to trail monitors and backyard    bluebird enthusiasts;

 •monitor yearly population trends by surveying the number of young fledged from nest boxes;

 •provide public education about bluebirds to  interested people in the State.

History Of The New Jersey Bluebird Society

Sometimes we just need nature to get us motivated. In this case, concerns for the well being of our native Eastern Bluebird motivated a small group of individuals to establish the New Jersey Bluebird Society (NJBBS) and become affiliated with the North American Bluebird Society (NABS). NABS is the prominent national organization dedicated to benefit of bluebirds in North America. New Jersey was one of the few states without a chapter.

Efforts were initiated in late 2010 when Allen Jackson, Nels Anderson and Frank Budney began exchanging emails seeking interest in starting a chapter. In February 2011 they and Susan Wheeler met in Lanoka Harber and agreed to organize a chapter. The fact that there was only four people did not deter the group. Word spread and additional people voiced their desire to become involved.

Follow up meetings in Batsto lead to an official affiliation with NABS (May 23, 2011), establishing

bylaws, developing a mission statement, designing a logo, initiating construction of a website,

establishing a Board of Directors and electing officers. Elected officers were: President, Frank Budney of Union County; Vice President, Allen Jackson of Cumberland County; Treasurer, John Layton of Atlantic County; and Secretary, Shelly Cucugliello of Salem County.

There were already many individuals in NJ monitoring bluebird trails and providing boxes on their

property for bluebirds. To assist in maximizing  the benefit to bluebirds, the NJBBS

encouraged the consolidation of people and groups in NJ with an interest in bluebirds.

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Who Are We


Through out North America,  how many bluebird organizations are affiliated with NABS.  Answer-page bottom

A) 40    B) 51    C) 61    D) 99

Answer:  C) 61